DigitalOutbox Episode 236

Chris and Ian discuss BT buying EE, Twitters trolling problem and the Raspberry Pi 2



Google Chromecast Offers
– Get £5 added to your Google Play account if you own a Chromecast
– I’ll also had a 90 day trial for Google Play Music, 3 Months Now TV, X-Men free

DigitalOutbox Episode 215

DigitalOutbox Episode 215
DigitalOutbox Episode 215 – DRIP

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1:03 – UK government to rush through emergency surveillance legislation
8:56 – Post Office launches mobile phone network through EE
11:42 – Germany’s World Cup hammering of Brazil broke Twitter records
14:11 – Raspberry Pi B+ marks first major upgrade to microcomputer
19:09 – Is this the best job ever? Netflix want to pay people to watch TV
21:48 – Potato salad Kickstarter stokes internet ire

DigitalOutbox Episode 185

DigitalOutbox Episode 185
DigitalOutbox Episode 185 – Adobe hacked and BBC look to the future

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0:51 – Adobes network compromised: 2.9 million customer names, encrypted credit and debit card numbers, and source code
5:32 – Twitter IPO: social media company looks to raise $1bn in public share sale
7:17 – NSA and GCHQ target Tor network that protects anonymity of web users
9:31 – Google To Start Employing User Ratings And Photos In Shared Endorsements Ads
12:28 – 1m Raspberry Pi computers have now been built in the UK, as global sales hit 1.75m
13:56 – BBC plans to help get the nation coding
16:01 – iPlayer
19:49 – Playlister
21:33 – Live Events
23:26 – BBC Store
26:16 – ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 force TVCatchUp to drop their services
29:06 – Samsung’s Galaxy Round is the first phone with a curved display
32:11 – Make a mini you from £40
34:43 – Rockstar apologizes for GTA Online issues with in-game cash

DigitalOutbox Episode 149

DigitalOutbox Episode 149
DigitalOutbox Episode 149 – Blackberry 10, Apples Porn Problem and Glasgow gets smart

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1:41 – Blackberry 10
14:23 – EE rolls out 4G to nine new UK towns ahead of schedule
17:45 – Glasgow – UKs first smart city
22:02 – Apples porn problem
26:21 – iOS 6.1
29:45 – New iPad
32:59 – Apple confirms Mac Pro sales will cease in EU on March 1
34:42 – Office 2013 Launched
37:30 – Microsoft Launches Modern.IE
39:31 – Skys Now TV to offer Premier League football and other major sporting events
41:15 – Sky Broadband struggling with demand
43:46 – moves beyond its ad-free Twitter alternative adding 10 GB of storage to share
46:28 – Computer science part of English Baccalaureate
47:19 – 15000 Raspberry Pis free to UK schools thanks to Google
48:43 – Nintendo cuts sales forecast for Wii U and other devices
50:53 – GTAV Delayed

DigitalOutbox Episode 146

DigitalOutbox Episode 146
DigitalOutbox Episode 146 – CES

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2:27 – CES
13:13 – Jessops and Play
14:39 – Hacker Gary McKinnon will not face UK charges
15:23 – Internet porn Automatic block rejected
18:36 – Prosecutors clarify offensive online posts law
20:50 – Consumers given more copyright freedom
21:41 – Pirate Bay proxy gets shut down after music industry legal threat
22:38 – Pi Store
25:01 – Another blow for handset subsidies as UK regulator mulls price hike controls
27:57 – Ubunto for Android phones coming 2014
29:45 – iOS Do Not Disturb Bug
31:33 – Google launch YouTube Capture on iOS
33:20 – Microsoft to kill Messenger

– Great app for runners
– Plugs into a variety of software and hardware platforms including Runkeeper and Fitbit
– Advantage is more detailed running stats

– Great game

Triple Town
– Great game

Reading List

Unfortunately we aren’t able to bring you a podcast this week. Instead, here are the stories that caught our eye and are well worth reading. Normal service will hopefully resume next week.

Gary McKinnon’s U.S. Extradition Blocked On Human Rights Grounds
In a surprise to many the Home Secretary Theresa May blocked Gary McKinnon’s extradition on health grounds. is live has moved out of beta to a live service. Really impressed with the look and feel of the site. More impressive is how open the development has been. Good job.

Xbox Music launched
Microsoft launch a streaming music competitor to Spotify et all. Launching first on the new Xbox dashboard and coming soon to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. More interesting is the Android and iOS clients coming next year.

Surface priced and dated
Microsoft price and date the Windows for RT Surface tablet. Similar to iPad pricing but watching the ad for the Surface makes the keyboard cover the USP – so why doesn’t every Surface come with one? Microsoft also haven’t done a good job explaining Windows RT –

Apple loses Samsung Appeal
Apple lose their appeal in the UK and will now have to run adverts saying that Samsung didn’t copy Apple…in a font no smaller than Ariel 14. Weird specific ruling.

Kindle PaperWhite hits the UK
Amazon bring the PaperWhite Kindle to the UK…but some people aren’t happy with uneven lighting issues –

Raspberry Pi gets an update
Double the RAM for the same price – bargain.

GoPro’s new Hero3 is lighter, faster, higher res and has WiFi, comes in three flavors starting at $199
One of the best action camera’s gets a great update.

Boxee TV
New direction for Boxee, releasing a TV tuner that is US only and stopping updates to it’s Boxee Box. Shame and a poke in the eye for anyone outside the US.

Pirate Bay moves servers to the cloud
Pirate Bay is moving much of it’s infrastructure to the cloud to stay ne step ahead of any future legal battles.

Unmasking the worlds biggest troll
A must read story on how Reddit’s biggest troll, responsible for posting some vile material, was unmasked and outed. There has been much fallout including question marks on how Reddit is run. The troller known as Violentacrez has lost his job and now appeared on American TV to apologise for his actions.

Skydiver Baumgartner sets YouTube live view record
The world watched Felix Baumgartner skydive from the edge of space setting many records including the most watched YouTube Live record with over 8 million viewers. The previous record was 500,000 for the London Olympics.

Google Data Centres
Google released lot’s of information about it’s secretive data centres which helps YouTube allow for 8 million continuous streams. SOme of the pictures are amazing – have you seen a data centre look so clean and colourful?