DigitalOutbox Episode 268

Chris and Ian discuss Netflix, WhatsApp and Davey Cameron



DigitalOutbox Episode 213

DigitalOutbox Episode 213
DigitalOutbox Episode 213 – Google I/O

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1:23 – Android One
3:24 – Android L Developer Preview
15:12 – Android Wear
18:38 – Android Auto
23:03 – Android TV
25:13 – Chromecast
26:49 – Chromebooks
29:01 – Docs
29:53 – Google Play
31:33 – Google Fit Platform
33:20 – Freebies
38:12 – Google Opens Gmail, Making It More of a Platform for Developers
39:12 – Googles Nest Buys Dropcam for $555 Million
41:30 – Nest launches its answer to Apples HomeKit with a developer program
45:17 – Apple iPhone ‘kill switch’ cuts thefts and Microsoft and Google are to follow
46:27 – Google Glass on sale in the UK now for £1,000
47:58 – Withings sticks a digital fitness tracker in an analog watch
49:18 – Microsoft kicks off Google ‘productivity war’ by doubling free OneDrive storage
51:05 – Official singles chart to include streaming services

DigitalOutbox Episode 203

DigitalOutbox Episode 203
DigitalOutbox Episode 203 – Microsoft Build, Amazons Fire TV and the Nest hits the UK

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3:30 – Windows Phone 8.1 brings a new look and a Siri rival named Cortana
8:31 – Windows 8.1 Update available April 8th, includes keyboard and mouse improvements
11:44 – Microsoft making Windows free on devices with screens under nine inches
12:34 – Microsoft unveils redesigned Office for Windows touchscreens
14:46 – Microsoft announces universal Windows apps, which work across PCs, phones, tablets and Xbox One
16:22 – Microsoft pledges not to search user email for stolen property
18:05 – Porn site age-check law demanded by media regulator
20:49 – Cyber Emergency Response Team launched by UK
23:12 – UK will finally legalise ripping CDs and DVDs in June
24:03 – Sky will send DVD copies of your movie downloads
26:36 – How Dropbox Knows When You’re Sharing Copyrighted Stuff
29:07 – Amazon Fire TV
36:50 – Amazon Student lands in the UK with discounted deliveries for six months and 50% off Prime thereafter
37:34 – Motorola’s Moto G bites into UK budget smartphone market
39:41 – Nest thermostat arrives in the UK ahead of an ‘aggressive’ European expansion
41:58 – Spotify debuts ‘dark’ redesign ahead of competition from iTunes and YouTube

DigitalOutbox Episode 193

DigitalOutbox Episode 193
DigitalOutbox Episode 193 – Big Dog, Nest and CES

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1:11 – BlackBerry teams up with Foxconn for budget smartphones as sales continue to plunge
2:30 – Blockbuster gone
3:23 – BT default ‘porn filter’ switched on
9:45 – Pirate Bay unveils ambitious new software scheme to foil anti-piracy measures
11:12 – Gmail now lets you email your Google+ connections, but addresses are only shared when you hit send
13:21 – Google acquires Boston Dynamics
16:15 – Google acquires Nest
21:28 – EE now has over 2 million 4G LTE subscribers in the UK
22:33 – Instant messaging overtook SMS in the UK last year, will surpass it by more than 2:1 in 2014
23:34 – NSA collects millions of text messages daily in ‘untargeted’ global sweep
28:38 – London rolls out smart parking sensors
29:55 – Nintendo 3DS game sales up 45% to 16m in 2013, as lifetime hardware sales top 11.5m in the US
32:49 – CES

Wordiest for Android
– Form two words from 14 letters (some with bonuses attached), then see how you did versus 100 other players given the same starting letters.
– Free, fun addictive

The Stanley Parable
– Get it from Steam 9.99
– Had me in stitches and a brilliant concept.
– Can’t say any more because it would spoil the game.