DigitalOutbox Episode 214

DigitalOutbox Episode 214
DigitalOutbox Episode 214 – Facebook experiments and Google forgets

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1:06 – Facebook tinkered with users feeds for a massive psychology experiment
9:29 – ‘Adult Content’ Filters Block 1 Out Of 5 Of The UK’s Most Popular Websites
14:27 – EU’s right to be forgotten: Guardian articles have been hidden by Google
18:24 – Apple To Cease Development Of Aperture And Transition Users To Photos For OS X
22:34 – Google Glass banned by UK cinemas over piracy concerns

Smarty Pins
– Web
– Free
– Geographical trivia game using Google maps
– Nicely constructed and a nice way to waste 10 mins

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Ian lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. By day he works in the IT department for a large manufacturing company but outside work he is a keen follower of all things digital. In 2006 he switched to using a Mac and has never looked back. To find out more about Ian visit the about page for more info.