DigitalOutbox Episode 174

DigitalOutbox Episode 174
DigitalOutbox Episode 174 – PC decline, Microsoft Restructure and ISP’s go to war

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1:19 – PC sales see ‘longest decline’ in history
4:31 – Microsoft Realigns To Focus On Hardware And Better Compete Against The Apples And Samsungs Of The World
8:41 – How Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages
12:28 – UK to probe Huawei staff’s role at cybersecurity centre
15:11 – Leaked letter shows ISPs and government at war
21:27 – Google for Non-profits hit’s some of the UK
23:00 – UK to test self-driving cars on public roads this year

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Ian lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. By day he works in the IT department for a large manufacturing company but outside work he is a keen follower of all things digital. In 2006 he switched to using a Mac and has never looked back. To find out more about Ian visit the about page for more info.