DigitalOutbox Episode 162

DigitalOutbox Episode 162
DigitalOutbox Episode 162 – Google Now hits iOS and shady Path

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3:05 – Google Now comes to iOS
6:48 – Monotype deal helps Google’s fonts escape the Web
8:52 – Google adds remote desktop to Hangouts, lets users simultaneously video chat and troubleshoot
10:28 – Microsoft launch Skype for
12:09 – Digg Owner Betaworks Buys Instapaper To Go Big On Social Reading And Discovery
16:11 – Path texts user’s entire address book at 6am
20:17 – BlackBerry Q10 is fastest-selling ever at Selfridges as corporates snap it up
23:18 – Games Company Releases Version For Pirates That Forces Them To Fail Constantly, Irony Lost On Pirates

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Ian lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. By day he works in the IT department for a large manufacturing company but outside work he is a keen follower of all things digital. In 2006 he switched to using a Mac and has never looked back. To find out more about Ian visit the about page for more info.