DigitalOutbox Episode 158

DigitalOutbox Episode 158
DigitalOutbox Episode 158 – Facebook Home, Browser Forks and So Long Lucasarts

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1:29 – Facebooks New Home
8:28 – Google Forks WebKit And Launches Blink
13:05 – Mozilla and Samsung Collaborate on Next Generation Web Browser Engine
17:01 – Dropbox Now in Yahoo! Mail
18:36 – Amazon buys Goodreads
21:06 – Lodsys returns
23:52 – Disney closes Lucasarts
27:10 – British Library to archive one billion UK web pages by year’s end
30:12 – Tory MP accidentally tweets porn site instead of news
31:21 – Rumours

Kerbal Space Program
– Available on Steam. It’s still in Beta and is certainly rough round the edges but is an amazing Space Sandbox game – where you’re pretty much left to start up your own space program from scratch.
– Build rockets, send manned missions into space, to the mun, try and get everyone back safely!
– Nicely characterized but extremely technical
– Thanks to Paul for the pick.

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