DigitalOutbox Episode 153

DigitalOutbox Episode 152
DigitalOutbox Episode 153 – Gullible Brits, UK Courts and Mobile World Congress

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0:55 – Microsoft Hacked Too
2:35 – UK was world’s most phished country in 2012
8:05 – Attorney general takes legal action over online pictures of Jamie Bulger killers
10:03 – Court orders UK ISPs to block more piracy sites
11:52 – Another Twitter client bites the dust
14:57 – Introducing a freemium tier
20:01 – Google Launches Google+ Sign-In For Mobile And Web
23:30 – Microsoft Launches IE10 For Windows 7
25:14 – Firefox OS Hits The Ground Running With Phones From Telefonica, T-Mobile, Firefox Marketplace For Apps
28:11 – HP Slate 7 hands-on: a standard Android tablet with standard HP style
29:34 – HP emerges as big winner in webOS sale, and LG doesn’t rule out a phone
32:13 – Asus launch the Fonepad and the Padfone
34:49 – Samsung unveils Wallet an Android alternative to Apples Passbook
37:21 – Nintendo to bring Wii Mini to UK
39:03 – Real Racing 3 launches

BT London 2012
– Panoramic image from the BT Tower in London
– You can keep zooming and zooming and zooming

– 1000 player Bomberman
– Tweaked rules
– Free to play
– 20 min games all in the browser

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